The GrassCove Points And Rewards System

We want to reward our loyal customers and show you guys we truly appreciate you! Earning and redeeming points is easy, convenient, and is our way of saying thank you for being an amazing customer!

How does our Points system work?

  • Earn 100% of your total purchases as Points. For example, a cart total of $200 will earn you 200 points. The total is calculated prior to any shipping fees.
  • Our points have a value of 20 Points to $1 (100 points = $5 off)
  • Easily view your points, redemptions, and history from your My Accounts page.

How do I redeem my points?

  • Points can be applied to your cart for an equivalent dollar value discount.
  • They can be redeemed once you have at least 100 points ($5 value).
  • Coupons and Tokens cannot be combined together.
  • Tokens can be earned and redeemed on sale items and site wide promotions.

How can I start earning?

  • Purchases earn you an equivalent number of points
  • Signing up for a GrassCove account earns you 50 points
  • Leave a product review and earn 100 points (Weedmaps, Reddit, On our page)

Spread the word!

  • Earn 10% of your friend’s orders when referring a friend
  • Generate your unique referral link from the My Accounts page

Terms & Conditions

To ensure the Rewards Points are not abused there are a few rules put in place:

  • Points cannot be earned on orders where points are being redeemed.
  • The minimum order rule is still applicable when redeeming points. Your total amount of points should not bring your total order below $50. (Applies to same day delivery in the GTA)
  • You must have at least 100 Point before you may redeem them.
  • You may redeem up to a maximum of 2,000 Points ($100 value) per order.

The terms and conditions governing the GrassCove Points program is subject to change at the company’s discretion.